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DSS Housing Benefit and Rental Agreements

As a tenant it is important to make sure that one has the rent well at hand before the landlord knocks at the door asking for payment. With the late trends of the LHA on the DSS housing benefit the tenant is encouraged to manage their own funds and thus when getting into a contract with the landlord it is important to make sure that one covers the time needed by the authorities to send in the finds.

In most cases the authorities end in the benefits in 30 days intervals meaning that in some months it will be possible to get payments twice as opposed to once while in some months such as February the payments will be late.

When making agreements with the landlord, the day to make the rent payment should be considered. Giving the landlord a date by which they will get the rent is a move that will allow the tenant time to amass their money and also allow the benefits to be sent in. though authorities will tell one that they will get DSS housing benefit payments in 30 days, they effectiveness of the authorities still is one that is hard to rely on meaning that often payments are delayed and this should be taken into consideration.

When setting the day to pay the landlord, it should be considered when one expects their pay check. If one has an understanding landlord the delays may not be a headache as long as one communicates with their landlords. Though in most cases the landlords appear harsh they do understand that sometimes DSS benefit delays occur and thus asking for an extension may be possible with most landlords, and thus when looking for a DSS property to rent its necessary to consider who manages the property since agents may be less understanding as opposed to the landlord in delayed rental payments.