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DSS Lettings in Camberwell – Find Rental Properties

DSS Lettings in Camberwell are very popular because of the location of Camberwell. Camberwell is in the South of London and has many transport links into the city centre and around the country. This makes it a perfect living location for somebody that works in London and requires easy access to the city centre, but does not want to remain in the chaos of a big city all of the time. Camberwell is a friendly and vibrant neighbourhood so the properties are often snapped up.

The DSS is a company that provide people that earn a low income with the opportunity of renting a home. They cover the cost of the rent so that a persons living standards are not compromised as a result of their low income. The DSS is becoming more popular in recent years due to the econmic climate and housing price fluctuation, making it impossible for people to afford house of flat rental in London. If a person has a low income but do not meet the threshold for full rent coverage, the DSS may offer a partial payment towards their rent, which the tennant must make up. DSS Lettings in Camberwell also let people choose their own home based on their needs.

Some landlords are uncomfortable with accepting DSS, particularly in affluent areas. Landlords are not able to change high prices when dealing with the DSS and they can cause them to lose money. More landlords are accepting DSS payments in recent years as it is better to receive a lower payment from the DSS than to have an empty house. In addition, landlords requires a tennant that is reliable and will look after their property. Most DSS Lettings in Camberwell tennants are reliable and they will lose the deal if they do not look after the property.

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