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DSS Lettings in Clapton – Letting Agents with Rental Property

DSS Lettings in Clapton are becoming more and more popular due to the recession the country is now facing. People are being made redundant, getting hours cut or are losing their jobs. This means that their living standards are suffering because they can’t afford to live comfortably on their low paid income. DSS Lettings in Clapton offer a solution to their problem. The DSS provides funding for people so they can still live a comfortable and health lifystyle. They pay the total, or partial, depening on a persons income, cost of the rent on a home so they can be a tennant at a property.

Clapton is a vibrant area in the Borough of Clapton in London. The area is perfect for people working in London as it is so central and offers many greay transport links in and around London, making travel easy. The vibrant and busy atmosphere of Clapton is perfect for people that like to enjoy their life. There are many amenities within the local area, such as shops and restaurants, making life easy for people that choose to rent with DSS Lettings in Clapton.

Due to the location of Clapton, it can be difficult to find rental property in this area, particularly with DSS Lettings in Clapton as they are often snapped up as soon as they are advertised. However, there are both flats and houses available if you are able to catch them quick which. People will always be able to find a property they require with the DSS.

DSS Lettings in Clapton have many benefits for both the landlord and the tennant. The DSS finalise the deal, meaning there are no disagreements between the tennant and the landlord. In addition, as the rent is covered by the Government, it means the lanlord doesn’t need to worry about not receiving their money.

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