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DSS Lettings in Dalston

The DSS payments are made by the council and the letting agents provide the property. The council covers the housing costs of people on low income so that their health and lifestyle are not affected by their income rate. This is a perfect way for people that are nopt financially afluent to rent a house in an area in which they would like to live. DSS Lettings in Dalston provide housing for tennants wanting to live in the area of Dalston, which is controlled by the London Borough of Dalton Council and is located in London.

The rental cost and type of property is totally dependant on the person looking for a home and their requirements. Accommodation is available in the form of a flat or a house, with a varying number of bedrooms depending on the customers needs. Customers will always get to choose a suitable place with DSS Lettings in Dalston. A 4 bedroomed flat will set you back around £550 for each month while a 5 bedroomed house with 2 bathrooms will cost around £1000 per month.

Some landlords do not accept payment via the DSS, particularly in the nicer areas of London as it means they cannot charge as much rent. More and more people are accepting DSS as a method of payment now because of the security. The DSS ensures that the landlord receives their payment every month and there will be no disputes about this as it is paid by the Government. Tennants that receive a home using DSS Lettings in Dalston are generally better behaved because they are more apppreciative of the opportunity and care for the home.

DSS Lettings in Dalston are beneficial in many ways. Not only do they ensure the landlordn receives their money and provide a home for a person with a low income, they also handle any issues and paperwork so the transaction is smooth and easy.

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