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DSS Lettings in Hendon | Rental Houses and Flats

With day jobs adding pressure to the landlords the searching for the right tenant can be more than what he can handle. Each landlord will have a few expectations from his tenant. DSS lettings in Hendon will help reduce these initial hiccups. Association of Residential Letting Agents, Association Of Estate Agents, Association Of Approved Letting Agents are a few of the governing bodies of these DSS letting agencies that watch the conduct of operations.

The services offered further lighten your work. The services include searching for the right tenant, repair of property and even property insurance. Highly efficient staff registered at the trading agency work round the clock to solve any problems for you promptly. From drafting the tenancy contracts to advertisement of property everything is taken care of by the agency. DSS lettings in Hendon are under the Ombudsman Scheme which allows all landlords to take legal action on the agency on account of unfair act on the part of the agency and also if any tenant dispute occurs.

The disadvantages of these agencies may be the fee which they charge, priced around 10% to 17% the monthly rent. Also communication delay between the tenant and the landlord due to routing of all complaints through the agency may lead to tenant dissatisfaction.

Hendon is a London suburb. Prices are pretty high mainly due to proximity to central London. Hendon is famous for its close association with aviation. It houses a huge aerodrome a part of which is used for training police. A four bedroom house well furnished with all appliances, stylish reception hall and a huge private garden will be priced at round £1800. Five bed room houses will furnished will be priced around £1600. More detials can be found from the DSS lettings in Hendon.

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