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DSS Lettings in Norbury – Rental Flats and Houses

There are many people looking for DSS lettings in Norbury and they are becoming more and more accepted with landlords these days. The DSS covers the cost, or partial cost or the rent for people on a low income. This ensures that people still have a good standard of living, regardless of their income.

Norbury is a great location to live as it is so close to Central London. It offers great transport links into the centre and surrounding areas of London. It is a popular place to live as the daily work commute in London is very easy to complete. This is the reason DSS lettings in Norbury are so popular and busy.

Although some landlords are reluctant to do dealings with the DSS as it means rdealing with people of low funding, it is becoming more accepted. There are many benefits to landlords working with the DSS and having DSS tennants. Some of these include the guarantee of rent money and a well looked after property. As the DSS is paid by the government the landlord is guaranteed payment each month.

Also, DSS tennants tend to look after a property more as they cannot afford to pay for any damages. The DSS scheme usually lasts for 1 year initially which means landlords will have a regular tennant for a long period of time, ensuring they are not left with an empty accomodation to fill.

The DSS is very good at listening to people’s requirements before selecting potential homes for them. People are usually allowed to make a choice of location and even the home they would like to live in. It is important that people are comfortable in their surroundings and the DSS lettings in Norbury take this into account.

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