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DSS Lettings in Notting Hill – Find Property for Rent

DSS lettings in Notting Hill are housing listings for people which are offered payment support from the Government. The Government covers the cost of the rent on a home for a person on low income. This means that people can still live a healthy standard of life, regardless of their income or salary.

Where Can I Find DSS?

DSS lettings in Notting Hill services are ran through the Council of Kensington and Chelsea and can be located on Hornton Street. The DSS lettings in Notting Hill can be difficult to find as some landlords do not allow DSS payments for the rental properties. As Notting Hill is an upperscale area, there tends to be people with highly paid salaries living there, meaning landlords are able to charge higher rent costs, which is the reason why they don’t allow DSS payments. People looking for DSS lettings in Notting Hill can use the internet to find adverts allowing DSS payments. In addition, the adverts are often advertised in the local newspaper. As the DSS lettings are so rare in Notting Hill, they tend to be snapped up as soon as they are advertised, so it is important that people interested in living in this area check regularly for the adverts so that they don’t miss out.

Types of Property

The accomodation listed by DSS lettings in Notting Hill tends to be of a high quality standard, however, a person can always find the requirements they are looking for in a home. The housing listed can range from 1 bedroom flats to 4 bedroom houses depending on what the tennant is looking for.

The Locality

Notting Hill is a great location for people wanting to be near the Centre of London. It offers a high class living standard with all of the facilities nearby, such as shops and public transport. It can provide a great place in which to settle, so check out the DSS lettings in Notting Hill now so that you don’t miss your opportunity.

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