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DSS Lettings in Paddington | Houses and Flats for Rent

What is the DSS?

Every landlord has his own unique set of expectations from his future tenants of his property like the initial deposit etc and the DSS letting agencies in Paddington can help you find the right match for you for a small fee. The most important task in this search for tenants will be to find the right DSS letting agency. These DSS letting agencies have a few governing bodies like Association of Residential Letting Agents, Association Of Estate Agents, Association Of Approved Letting Agents . They are responsible for maintaining a strict code of conduct of these agencies.

Advantages And The Disadvantages

The services offered by these agencies doesn’t end with that the help organize insurance, they take care of repair and management of property. The staff are highly trained to anticipate and satisfy every need of the landlord. They are registered with the trading agency and they offer quick and efficient service . The DSS letting agencies in Paddington help draft agreement forms for the tenants and they take care of all forms of advertisement for your property. DSS Lettings agencies in Paddington are a part of the Ombudsman Scheme.

Due to this the landlord has all rights to redress the agency on account of any unfair act of the agency or if any dispute with the client arises. The service charge of these agencies maybe a downside for a few landlords. They are fixed at around 10% to 17% of the monthly rent. The agency’s presence may slow down the communication between the tenant and the landlord cause all communication from the tenant goes through them this may lead to tenant dissatisfaction.

The Locality And The Price

Paddington is actually a district within Westminster in Central London. it’s a metropolitan region bustling in activity all round the clock. Its houses the highest security police department in all of the United Kingdom. Three bedroom flats are priced at round 1950 ponds and single bedroom flats around 1148 pounds with DSS letting agencies in Paddington.


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