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DSS Lettings in Peckham – Rental Flats and Houses

DSS Lettings in Peckham are usually snapped up because of the area. Peckham is in the South of London and is only 3 miles away from Charing Cross station, makign transport links in and around London and the UK very accessible. Peckham has a bit of a bad reputation, however, it is a great place to live and has many advantages. It underwent a regeneration program around 15-20 years ago so the place is in top condition and great for a living opportunity.

The DSS is a company that provides funding for people receiving a low income. DSS Lettings in Peckham offer housing opportunities in the area of Peckham. The DSS will cover the full rental cover of a home to ensure that people are able to live a good, health standard of life in a home of their own. Some people may only qualify for a partial payment depending on the amount they earn. The DSS also handle the paperwork and dealings with the landlord for an easy transaction.

Some landlords don’t like to offer DSS as a payment option as it means they must channge a lower rental rate. Due to the current climate, landlords often find their homes empty, so a DSS payment is better than no payment at all. The DSS finalises the deals between the tennant and landlord which ensures that both parties are happy. In addition, as the rent is paid by the Governmant and not the tennant, there is never as issue of a payment being missed.

The cost of a rental home with DSS Lettings in Peckham is dependant on the accomodation type and number of bedrooms. A typical flat cost will vary considerably depending on which part of Clapham and the choice of accommodation, although the cost goes up for houses.

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