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DSS Properties for Rent – Top Tips and Advice

It can be very hard to find a property when you are in receipt of DSS payments and lots of landlords do not accept these kinds of rentals. There are however ways you can find properties to rent and you just need to be patient and use the resources that are available to you. To ensure you find the best possible property that meets your requirements there are some tasks you need to do before you undertake your search. The first thing you need to do is to make sure you are eligible for DSS property.

For many people this will already be the case, but if you have not checked then you need to make sure you contact your local council housing office straight away. They will at first asses your needs and check your suitability, after they have done that then they will add you to the housing list. From here you have two options. The first of the options is to wait until a house or flat becomes available from the council, this can take a long time and if you are not deemed as a priority then you will most certainly have a long wait.

The DSS properties for rent in the UK can also be found via the private landlords that accept DSS payments. You have a number of ways you can find these properties; the first is to go to all the letting agents in your areas you are looking to rent. From here you can find if they take DSS tenants on, if they property and you may get lucky and find something straightaway. If you do not then do not panic, they will add you to their tenants list and if something comes up for you they will contact you. Top tip is if you do not hear anything from them, phone them and be proactive.

The next way is to make use of the internet and sites like as they are a good source of not only information, but also have properties being added that may well be suitable for you to rent. Finally you can check the local newspapers and see if there are any available through this method. If you try all of these methods to find one of the DSS properties to rent in the UK then you will have a much better chance of finding your desired DSS property.