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DSS Lettings in Bedford | DSS Houses and Flats to Rent in Bedford

The topic of DSS Lettings in Bedford is always a guaranteed topic to get people’s teeth on edge either out of sheer anger, frustration at the process or more commonly, a combination of the two. Landlords will typically bemoan DSS recipients as being a potential threat and risk, in terms of the safety of the property as well as the state of their bank account. Horror stories of landlords having to take errant tenants who are in a significant amount of rent arrears to court to recoup their losses only to then have to contend with the nightmare of having the property wilfully damaged are aplenty.

DSS recipients for their part, will invariably bemoan how they are unfairly and harshly pigeonholed and labelled in an extremely negative manner which has the unfortunate effect of ensuring that they are denied access from suitable properties. In all fairness, there are legitimate arguments to both sides of the issue, although it would neither be possible nor fair to actually attempt to apportion blame solely on a single party.

Rather than becoming frustrated with the great moral inadequacies of the DSS Lettings in Bedford system, we tenants have to be aware of them and then know how to deftly sidestep and deflect them.

If a prospective landlord expresses concern that you cannot keep up with the level of rent that they are charging with your Housing Benefit alone, then providing them with copies of your wages slips as well as a breakdown of your personal finances or bank account will stand you in good stead.

If the landlord is unhappy with the fact that the Housing Benefit will be paid directly to you, the tenant, as opposed to them, then a possible remedy to this to not only keep them sweet but also to bolster your chances of securing decent DSS Lettings in Bedford is to suggest the possibility of a monthly direct debit to be conducted on a specified date.

Council DSS Lettings Offices in Bedford

You can always check for the latest information about renting a property when you are looking for DSS and advice by contacting the local council offices.  Bedford council housing department details are below:-

Bedford Boroguh Council

Borough Hill

Cauldwell Street


MK42 9AP

Tel:- 01234 267422

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