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DSS Lettings in Braintree

Many people who are successful in finding and occupying DSS Lettings in Braintree then proceed to spend the remaining duration of their lease in a state of chronic anxiety and fear that continually serves to gnaw at them. Why? Because they are unhappy with the quality of their accommodation, dissatisfied with the apathy or reluctance to help which has been plainly exhibited by their landlord and are concerned that they cannot competently exercise their rights.

Many tenants who live in DSS Lettings in Braintree are regrettably, woefully ill-informed and unconfident about their legal rights as a tenant and so what this means then is that they tend to assume that their landlord has much more authority and power over them than is actually the case. Even worse, there are unethical landlords who directly rely upon and exploit this weakness on the part of their tenants so as to keep them docile and compliant with their wishes.

However, an alternative issue to this topic which must be considered is this. Although going down a legal route such as arbitration or through litigation is a potential option and even remedy, is this one that you would be comfortable with handling?

There are numerous downsides to bring a court action with regards to dissatisfaction regarding a tenancy which relates to DSS lettings. There is no definite guarantee that the judge or magistrate will rule in your favour, meaning that not only do you lose your case, but the landlord will then probably try their level best to have you evicted from the premises.

Furthermore, there is also the issue of cost. Bringing legal action is not for the weak of heart or wallet, and those of us who are currently in receipt of state benefits may struggle to pay the legal fees demanded. Whether getting lawyers involved for the protection of your rights concerning DSS Lettings in Braintree is a decision only you can make.

Braintree Council Offices

If you are looking for advice, information and property then often the best place to start is to contact the local council housing office.  Below are the contact details for the Braintree council housing office.

Braintree District Council
Causeway House
Bocking End

Tel:- 01376 552525

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