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DSS Lettings in Bracknell

If you want to avoid disappointment when searching for DSS Lettings in Bracknell, then it is strongly recommended that you ensure that you conduct some preliminary work before undertaking the search in earnest. For example, it is essential that you are actually aware of both the level and amount of housing benefit that you will be directly eligible for. The reason for this is very straightforward indeed: it will directly determine and influence what properties within the city you will be able to afford.

Many recipients of housing benefit succumb to the fatal mistake of erroneously assuming that because the monthly/weekly rent of a property that they happen to be interested in exceeds the current level of housing benefit they receive, they are therefore ineligible for that property.

In actual fact, the housing benefit is intended to serve as a contributory benefit, i.e. it is to be used as a means of defraying and offsetting a portion of the running expenses associated with the rent of the DSS Lettings in Bracknell, as opposed to paying them outright. This is also true of housing benefit anywhere else in the United Kingdom.

A perverse incentive system is the term used to refer to a situation whereby the introduction and implementation of one rule or policy ends up having unforeseen and oftentimes, negative consequences. Therefore, when India introduced a bounty for rat pelts to reduce the rat population, the opposite occurred. Why? It was because; people reared the animals to make money.

In much the same way, the DSS Lettings in Bracknell have succumbed to this problem. There is little incentive for the recipient of the housing benefit to choose and live in a property that charges a level of rent significantly below the amount of housing benefit that they receive. Why? Because the tenant is only legally entitled to keep £15 of that per week.

DSS Council Housing Office in Bracknell

Bracknell Forest Council

Easthampstead House
Town Square
RG12 1AQ

Tel:- 01344 352000

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