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DSS Lettings in Bletchley

Bletchley comes under the umbrella of the Milton Keynes Council and as such you will have the dealings with them if you are looking for DSS Lettings in Bletchley.  The area is extensive and can be split into a number of regions and when you are looking for a property you may have to be flexible as to where you decide to live.  The private rentals in this area are for DSS lettings are often picked up very quickly so you will have to act fast if you are wanting to find a property in the area of Bletchley you are most looking to like in.

There are a number of ways you can find a property for rent when you are in receipt of housing benefit and wanting to live in Bletchley and this includes searching online and using all the information, resources and property details you can find.  Secondly you can make use of the local papers and these will sometimes have details of property to rent that is DSS friendly, however if you are using this method you will have to act fast as often the properties get taken very quickly.  Make sure you use all of the avenues that are available to you and check the Milton Keynes Council website on a regular basis, below are the contact details for the council.

Bletchley Office
200-204 Whaddon Way,
Milton Keynes

01908 252937

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