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DSS Lettings in Buckingham

Buckinghamshire DSS Lettings

DSS Lettings in Buckingham

DSS Lettings in Buckingham

If you live in Buckinghamshire and are looking for property to rent and are in receipt of DSS Lettings in Buckingham payments from the council then it can be hard to find available property.  This site aims to give you information to assist you in finding your ideal DSS rental property whether you are in receipt of housing benefit, LHA or DSS payments.  Below is some useful information for you to assist you in your search for a rental property in this area of Buckinghamshire. 

DSS Lettings in Buckingham – Council Contact Details

If you are looking to be in receipt of the DSS payments for housing then you will need to contact the local housing office at the county council, see the address details provided below.

Buckingham County Council
Walton Street
HP20 1UA

DSS Lettings in Buckingham – For Letting Agents

If you are a letting agent in Buckinghamshire or a landlord then please do contact us and we will add your details to this page so you can advertise your agency here and attract new tenants for your DSS property.  There are lots of reasons why the DSS Lettings in Buckingham make sense if you are a letting agent and you can advertise your property and agency direct from this site.  If you are looking for new tenants for vacant properties then this really is the site for you, so make sure you check this page out regularly for further details and information of any new features and facilities for letting agents.  Check the DSS Lettings in Buckingham for a way to fill your vacant rental properties and also check out the surrounding areas as well such as DSS Lettings in Aylesbury.

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