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DSS Lettings in Wycombe

Wycombe Council

Wycombe CouncilWycombe District Council provide the resources for anyone that is looking for DSS Lettings in Wycombe. The council themselves manage around 6200 properties which can be found on various estates throughout the town of Wycombe and the nearby areas of Princes Risborough and Marlow. Whether you are looking for housing for the family or sheltered accommodation you will find a choice that is available for you.

Of course demand is always very high and it can often be the case that you would be better off looking to find a private landlord to rent your property from and this is something that more and more people are doing.

The DSS rentals in Wycombe can be hard to find as mentioned so it maybe wise to consult with the local council office first before you go ahead and start your search for a rental property. The council office details can be found below for you:-

Wycombe District Council

tel :- 01494 461000

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