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DSS Lettings in Bournemouth

For many of us, trying to find DSS Lettings in Bournemouth can be a rather daunting task, especially given the fact that many letting agents are not typically willing to actually aid such people. The reason for this is simple: due to the fact that landlords have reservations about renting out their property to DSS recipients, this means that the demand for these types of tenants is rather low. As such then, realising that there is limited profits to be made here, the average letting agent does not bother.

However it is also worth noting that the letting agents themselves are not mere passive actors in this unfortunate equation, for they charge a rather sizeable commission for their services (which can vary between 10-15% of the monthly rent in some cases). The reason this is significant is so that recipients of DSS benefits do not feel as if they are solely to blame for a state of affairs which is quite frankly, already beyond their control and as such, neither their fault nor concern. One commonly made observation throughout the world is that every cloud has a silver lining. In other words, whenever there is a negative event, there is some good that can come from it. With regards to finding DSS Lettings in Bournemouth, the credit crunch which decimated the global economy has meant that the housing market has dropped dramatically. In an attempt to actually exploit their property for income, more and more property owners are now looking to rent out their property so as to recoup at least part of their expenses and receive some income. As such, in the interests of necessity making for strange bedfellows, has meant that the credit crunch in its own way, paved the way for DSS recipients to find DSS Lettings in Bournemouth.

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