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DSS Lettings in Aldershot

Trying to find DSS Lettings in Aldershot can prove to be something of an uphill struggle and it is fairly plain to see that there is something of a degree of stigma and prejudice surrounding DSS tenants as a whole. As such, such a negative, stereotyped and oftentimes, misinformed view is sufficient to deter people from offering their property out to otherwise deserving candidates.

One common concern that landlords have expressed is the fear that by virtue of the fact that the tenant is currently in receipt of benefits from the council this means that they, the tenant, will be unlikely to make up any shortfall that should arise either now or in the future. This fear is further compounded by virtue of the fact that DSS payments are automatically capped at specified amounts dependent upon a number of different variables including the financial situation of the tenant and whether or not they have any children.

Therefore, if you are currently a recipient of DSS payments and are looking for DSS Lettings in Aldershot, then you can increase your chances of actually making a favourable impression with the landlord and therefore improving the odds of you actually being successful in your application to live in the property by dealing with this issue head on.

Be upfront about your situation, and inform the landlord as to what contingency plans you have in place in order to help cover any deficit that is left between the amount of rent owed, and the amount of housing benefit that has been paid by the relevant authority. Although it is impossible to predict the future, the mere fact that you have been mature, candid and responsible enough to raise the subject and identify any potential problems with it will surely make a good and lasting first impression. Hopefully this will secure you the best DSS Lettings in Aldershot!

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