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DSS Lettings in Andover

The mere prospect of trying to find suitable DSS Lettings in Andover is oftentimes perceived to be something of an impossible task although like any other myth in the world, it would seem that there is a kernel of truth in this belief. After all, given how blatantly hostile and suspicious that many people are towards DSS tenants (and sadly, this is not solely restricted to landlords who actually have a stake at risk in the proceedings!), it is perhaps not surprising then that people tend to be somewhat cynical about their chances.

What both DSS recipients and the people who are so willing to condemn them forget is that a stereotype may have some basis of truth to it, but, making sweeping generalisations about people is neither fair nor accurate. With that in mind then, it is incumbent upon the person looking for DSS Lettings in Andover to be proactive and positive when it comes to engaging in their search.

One of the best ways of effectively boosting your chances of success is to make use of your social circle both immediate and extended. Friends, families, acquaintances and even friends of friends and family may serve to be the much needed catalyst to enable you to get your “foot in the door” both literally and figuratively!

The reason for this is simple: although a landlord may have severe reservations about hiring a stranger who is in receipt of DSS payments, the chances are that they will be far more accommodating and willing to listen to a person with whom they have a decent rapport. By getting to know you, even on a superficial basis, this enables them to get a better measure of your character and integrity and therefore, the degree of risk both actual and potential, you pose. So, if you are really struggling to find DSS Lettings in Andover, then make sure you ask friends and family!

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