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DSS Lettings in Basingstoke

The issue of disrepair with regards to DSS Lettings in Basingstoke is oftentimes, perceived to be something of a minefield by both tenants and landlords alike and the reason for this is simple: in far too many cases, both sides think that their point of view is entirely correct and by extension then, the other parties viewpoint is utterly erroneous.

The UK court system has been forever plagued and dogged with a myriad of vexatious, frivolous and unmeritorious cases that have been brought by aggrieved tenants who have sought to rent out DSS Lettings in Basingstoke, with an alleged state of disrepair being the primary issue in contention.

Arguing that their landlord has been unresponsive and negligent in actually remedying the situation in question, the tenant will try and vilify and condemn the landlord in equal measure. Unfortunately, the tenant has overlooked a very small but essential detail: it is necessary for them to actually give “notice” to the landlord that the property is in a state of disrepair.

This has been something of a tough pill to swallow for many tenants, after all, surely it is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure that the property they own and rent out is indeed fit for purpose? The truth of the matter is this: the reason that there is the legal requirement that the tenant gives the landlord intimation of the fact that the property is defunct in some way, is so that the landlord has a chance to fix it.

Anything else would provide tenants with a disproportionate amount of power to effectively and wilfully concentrate on hiring DSS Lettings in Basingstoke, proceeding to find some minor flaw with the property and then taking the landlord to court in order to receive compensation or some other pecuniary benefit. It is for this reason, this safeguard is in place.

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