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DSS Lettings in Addlestone

Successfully finding DSS Lettings in Addlestone is not just merely a process of searching through websites and newspapers, or even haranguing friends, work colleagues and friends as to whether or not they know if there happens to be rooms to let in the area. Indeed, one can even say that it requires a degree of insight into the human mind, if only to overcome some of the innate prejudices and kneejerk biases that landlords tend to have.

It is imperative that we try and see the issue from the perspective of the landlord. To the landlord, they are effectively handing over the keys of their own property to a person they barely know save for a brief, very time limited conversation and then hope that that person will:

  • 1) Pay their rent on time
  • 2) Not damage or destroy the property because they are aggrieved with their landlord
  • 3) Will not pose a nuisance or danger to other people in the area, as well as to the landlord.

Therefore, those of us who feel somewhat hard done by because of what we perceive to be unduly harsh and discriminatory attitudes of landlords when searching for DSS Lettings in Addlestone, should remember that landlords have a right to be sceptical and furthermore, this concern is never intended to be personal or offensive.

With that in mind then, being prepared for the inevitable interview stage that is intertwined with the searching for accommodation process is imperative. Attend and behave this “chat” with the landlord with the same degree of dignity, courtesy, self-respect and composure as you would a job interview.

Make sure that you address any concerns that the landlord raises during this chat with decorum and candidness, they are not trying to annoy you but rather, determine if you are a suitable person to rent the property to. Remember this advice and hopefully you will have some good luck with finding top quality DSS Lettings in Addlestone!

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