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Important Tenant Decisions DSS Flats to Rent

When looking for DSS flats to rent there are several options that one can try and if one is receiving housing benefits from the authorities some landlords might be hesitant on taking on one as a tenant.

Recent trends in the market are not favouring the DSS tenant due to mostly financial reasons, thus the tenant might under some circumstances be forced to make drastic decisions based on their abilities as oppose to the provisions provided by the authorities.

The first thing that should be considered when making the decision on the type of housing that is required is the needs of the family. One may need to consider the space provided by the DSS flats to rent which in most cases is the number of rooms provided. It might not be comfortable to bunk children in a room but in some cases it is inevitable especially since lots of landlords do not support the DSS tenants. Health issues should not be neglected while choosing the flats, issues such as disabilities should be considered when choosing the housing, provisions to aid the individuals should be put in place to help the invalid and the ill in comfort issues.

The personal financial ability should also be accessed before one gets into DSS flats to rent. It’s recommendable that one has some back up cash to pay the rent if the authorities fail to make the payments on time, especially since this is a common occurrence.

If one doesn’t have the ability to pay the rent, then one might opt for several options such as guarantors that will make the payments in the event of late government payments. Though other financial grantors may stand in during the waiting period, the best thing to do is have ones finances in order to do the bill footing all on their efforts.