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Managing DSS Houses to Rent in Leeds

As a landlord of DSS houses to rent in Leeds there are several facts that one should know. One of the facts is that the financial house rent aid has been changed from the old housing benefits to the new local housing allowance and the members of the housing benefits scheme are being slowly phased out to the new local housing allowance and this will mean that there will be changes in the method which the tenants receive the benefits. With the old housing benefits scheme the tenants could channel the rent in form of DSS payments directly to the landlords account but in the new local housing allowance system this is not possible without drafting agreements with the landlord.

The new system thus makes it important for one being the landlord to take some action in ensuring that the new tenant is responsible enough to take care of the DSS houses to rent in Leeds. Assessing the tenant is quite important if one hopes to have their property left in a respectable condition. There are a wild bunch of tenants that can be quite destructive to property and should be avoided at all cost. Some research based on the character of the tenants should be conducted and if one doesn’t trust the tenant to begin with, an agreement can be drafted in regards to living in the house where possible a deposit can also be charged and damages associated to it to ensure that the tenant takes great care of the property.

Since the local housing allowance (LHA) shall be sent directly to the tenants account, it is recommendable for the DSS houses to rent in Leeds landlord to be informed fully of the working of the system. A date should also be set when the tenant is supposed to make the rental payments after considering the working of the local authorities.