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Significance of DSS Housing List

Benefits in housing are usually offered through the local housing office, and the process of getting the benefits begins with an initial assessment of the condition of the living status of the applicant. The council assesses the income as well as the living variables such as number of members in a family their ages and needs before they conclude whether one is eligible for the housing benefits.

Once the housing office has been convinced that one is in need of housing benefits then one is appended to the DSS housing list of beneficiaries where after being processed one will get housing benefits sent to them.

There are forms that one has to fill some forms before being offered the benefits, forms that have in them information involving the rentals. In the old system there was a provision that one could shoes to have the benefits sent directly to the landlord, but in the new LHA (local housing allowance) method the option is omitted and thus the funds are sent directly to the account horde appearing as the beneficiary.

This move has led to a lot of landlords taking extra caution in regards to their tenancy relations. Before making any changes in ones living condition, it is necessary that one checks the local housing offices DSS housing list for confirmation of needing a beneficiary.

The DSS housing list also places one in contention of the local council houses which are not so available since they are already occupied and the council cannot manage providing its services to all the involved parties. Once in the list there are two choices for one, the first one which is not so common since it’s rarely successful is to wait for the councils resources while the other is to proceed and ask for the benefits in monetary terms.