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Why and How Landlords Should Avoid DSS Estate Agents London


Though the DSS estate agents London have become part of the DSS housing system, as a landlord paying percentages of one’s yearly income to the agents is not at all pleasing. The agents might be providers of information between the tenants and landlords, but they are a link that can be overshot since there are other methods that are less costly and can be used to source DSS tenants. As a landlord it s not advisable to take in clients from the estate agents who charge large percentages of income while providing information that can be easily passed over to the tenants.

The first way to get a DSS tenant without involving the DSS estate agents London is using the internet. There are various resources that a landlord can use to get potential tenants without including agents.

The first option that one can utilize is the classified sections, more people looking for DSS property or rent are using the classified sections to get information and pacing an ad on in the classified area is bound to get a few interested parties in the property. Other sites also provide the marketing chances while providing a much more detailed package to the customer as opposed to the estate agent.

The other option that one can use to get information in regards to their DSS property up for rent is using the local housing council. The local housing council is responsible for assessing the DSS condition of tenants and also provides the tenants with payments and where possible they also present the tenants with housing facilities but since they are swarmed they cannot meet all the needs. A call to the local authorities presenting them with a way out providing them with a DSS accepted property is welcomed and there will be no charges associated with the call and thus avoiding the DSS estate agents London.